Sister's Trip

My sister has finished another quilt top!!!  I am very excited that she is planning a trip to visit me and quilt this quilt.

Since the last quilt top she made disappeared from the mail and I recieved an empty box, she will not mail this one to me.   I'm sorry she experienced trouble with the mail, but I am very happy that I get a visit out of the deal!I love the idea that we will be working on this project together. 

Besides finishing her quilt, I am making a list of the other things I'd like to do while she's here.  I am feeling better and want to do more so my list is becoming so long that we probably will not be able to complete half of it !  Part of the fun is planning and my long list will at least give my sister some choices.

I hope you have someone who shares your love of quilting also!

Happy Quilting,