Sisters of the Quilt

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  My family and I did a lot of laying around and watching movies since we were still feeling poorly (apparently that thing that I caught is very contagious and I shared it with everyone).  I was feeling sad because I had to postpone the family party.  I was not well enough to get all of the cooking and cleaning finished and I certainly do not want my brother and sisters and their families to get ill.

My sister and her husband dropped a care package off at my front door!  They made home-made soup and dessert and drove it to us.  They drove 40 minutes each way in snowy weather to bring these treats and brighten our day.  The soup is soooo good. Warm and soothing.  Good for the body and soul.  The dessert, a tasty treat.

After eating a little and taking yet another nap on the couch, my other sister called to find out how we were all doing.  It was good to talk to her and she made me feel better about postponing the family party because they may have had trouble traveling due to the snowy weather between our homes.

A bit later there was a knock on the door......and much to our surprise......Santa Claus was standing on our front porch.  We invited him in and he explained that he heard my grandson was sick and wanted to bring him another present and make sure he was OK.  My grandson was speechless and thrilled as he accepted the loaded stocking and extra gift from Santa.

A friend of mine found a book for me.  It is Sisters of the Quilt - The Complete Trilogy.  All three books of the series are in this one book.  It is more about an Amish girl and life among the Amish than it is about quilting but there is a quilt being made in the story and I am grateful to have it to read now that I am feeling a little better.  It's nice to have something to read as I am awake most of the day but not yet back to being able to do my usual routine and activities.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas and due to my awesome family and friends, we experienced the true spirit of Christmas.  This is a Christmas we will remember for a long time to come.

Happy Holidays,
Happy Quilting,