Singer Anniversary Machine

I was channel surfing and saw a glimpse of a new sewing machine on HSN (Home Shopping Network).  They sold out before I realized the whole story and could order one. I will get one of these machines before the end of the year!!!!!

Singer came up with a 160 Year Anniversary Edition Sewing Machine.  It is very pretty.  It is a black, retro-looking machine with a bunch of feet. They also designed an Anniversary Tote to protect the machine. The tote is embroidered with their 160 Year Anniversary Logo.

I'm a little disappointed that I missed their special deal. I would like to have one of these machines to add to my collection. They are not available in stores yet but this early release really caught my interest. I'm going to keep my eyes and ears open so I don't miss the next availability of this great collector's item.  Wish me luck!!!

Happy Quilting,