Sick Sucks!!!

I won't brag anymore!!!!! I let the words come out of my mouth and as soon as they had I new it was a mistake! I bragged that I hadn't been sick in a long while and that I hadn't caught Strep Throat for some time. Oh boy. For the last two months I have caught everything that has been going around!!! I teach my students to share... but their germs are not what I had in mind!!!

I always try to find the good in situations. The good in this are all of the hours of cuddle time on the couch with my grandson ( who is in kindergarten and unfortunately has been catching and sharing things with me too!! )

Although I have not done much around my house and am falling behind on my to-do list, all of the resting and couch time has given me the opportunity to read and reread some of my magazines and quilting books, soooooo my project list has, once again, grown.

Now that I'm feeling better, I'll bet I can finish "One More Quilt" this weekend!!!!

Stay Healthy and Happy Quilting!