Shopping With My Grandson

You know we have had our grandson with us this week while our daughter was on a business trip.  We have had a fantastic time.  I have slowed down on my quilting just a bit, but, as I'm sure you understand,  their only young once!!!

My grandson has been around quilts, quilting, thread and fabric his entire life.  We have his trains set up so he can play while I'm busy in my studio.  He loves to help and it is amazing how much he has learned over the years.  He knows the names of most of my tools, he knows how to press fabric, he knows how to measure accurately with a tape measure,  he can sew a straight stitch on a sewing machine, he likes to turn the handle and help cut pieces with my Acccuquilt machine and he is a good fabric shopper.

It is pure entertainment to go fabric shopping with my grandson.  When I watch him, I see how I shop for fabric.  He walks by the bolts and feels the pieces of fabric.  He oooohs and aaahs.  He says "hmmmm....this one's nice." Then he'll ask if we can "try this one".  If I say yes, he pulls the bolt and walks with it so we can try to find another fabric to go with it!  He is actually very good at choosing fabrics which go together.

I'm supposed to bring him home tomorrow.  My husband and I will miss him. We'll be able to sit still once in a while....but we'll miss him!!!

Happy Quilting,