Shopping Spree

I was able to do some fabric shopping at my favorite fabric warehouse and found this collection of Batiks!  The bundle contained sixty-one yards and my sister and I were happy to share so we could each add this beautiful prints to our fabric collections (AKA sashes). Each piece in a bundle is five to ten yards and considered a remnant.  Sharing a bundle is a great idea because we each scored two and one-half to five yards of each print.....Oh the possibilities!!!


What a wonderful way to spend a day......looking at, searching through, touching/feeling thousands of bolts of fabric.  New enthusiasm and energy swim around in my head along with the addition of new ideas added to my to-do list!  I love loading the new fabrics in the back of my Jeep and heading home to add them to my stash of fabrics.  A good friend went with me which makes the experience even better.  We talk, we share, we laugh, we visit and we shop.

Frog Fabric 1Frog Fabric 2

These two frog fabrics were a great find.  The first is a beautiful print of sketched frogs on pebbles made as a dark olive green tone-on-tone.  My sisters, sister-in-law and I all collect frogs so I use a lot of frog fabrics throughout the year.  Since we all like frogs, it has, of course started to trickle down to our children and grandchildren.

The whimsical frogs on the beautiful blue background are surrounded by a sprinkling of yellow stars.  I have had this same print in the past and have used it all in projects so I was very happy when I spotted this bolt and was able to have it again!

Fabric Backing 1Fabric Backing 2

I found these two great fabrics to use as backings on a couple of projects I'm working on.

The plant print reminded me of some of the plants that can grow in a marsh and I think it will make a terrific backing for some more frog themed Jelly Roll Race quilts I am putting together.

I am working on repairing and finishing an antique quilt top for a friend and this mustard colored tone-on-tone paisly-ish print will make the perfect backing and allow me to turn it into a usable quilt.    After all, remember,  "It's not a quilt until it's quilted!"

Happy Quilting,