Shoemaker's Kids .....

Remember the old adage "The shoemaker's kids never have shoes."?  Sometimes  my family seems to think the quiltmaker's family never has quilts!  Seriously, they do.  There are quilts all over the house.  But my family gets very attached to things and everybody is attached to his or her own favorite quilt.  These are the most used quilts in the house.  They're also the most loved and the most worn.  (Remember the Velveteen Rabbit?)

As you know, the binding on a quilt is usually the first area to show wear.  Its not terribly difficult to replace a binding and give the quilt more years of use.  Some of our quilts need more attention than just new bindings.  I have been informed (by my dear family members) that these quilts need to be repaired, not replaced!!!  It went something like this....But its my faaaaavorite!!!  I, of course, gave in.  I plan to work on these quilt repairs during Christmas Break.

I have had alot of success repairing quilts.  First I repair the quilt top.  I stitch any open seams and torn spots.  If a spot cannot be repaired I patch it with as close a match as I can find or a coordinating print or solid.  I take care to make sure the quilt top is solid befor the next step.  Now I consider the original (with repairs) quilt as the new quilt top.  I add new batting and prepare a new backing.  I quilt the new quilt, usually with a meandering or close overall quilting to add strength.  Once it is quilted, I add a new binding and viola.....the quilt is reborn!.

Of course this way of rebuilding a quilt does not add or even retain any monetary value but it sure makes my family happy.  Their favorite quilts live on to be snuggled and cuddled in for many more years to come.

This method of rebuilding old quilts is becoming popular with many of my friends and fellow quilters too.  So, dig in your closets, attics and basements.  Pull out those worn quilts you couldn't stand to think about getting rid of and rebuild them and put them back to use.  If you can't, or don't want to do the work yourself, bring it to someone who will and get those quilts back to active duty!!!   The more quilts you have to use, the better.

Happy Quilting,