Sheet or No Sheet?

I have heard a lot of talk from quilters lately about using bed sheets to back their quilts and whether or not it is  the best way to go.

For most quilts I would not reccommend using a bed sheet for the backing.  Bed sheets, even if they are made from 100% cotton, will usually have a different thread count than your quilting fabrics which can cause it to wear differently than the rest of the quilt.  Your quilt may end up with puckers because the sheet and your quilt fabrics may react differently to laundering.  Sheets usually have a higher density and could be more difficult to hand quilt.  If you are hiring a longarm quilter, you should ask them how they feel about quilting sheets and if it will affect your price.

Never say never though..... I am also a firm believer in quilting what you've got!!!  Besides making quilts with the cotton fabrics I purchase for this purpose, I have also made quilts from scraps, pieces from worn clothing, T-shirts, handkerchiefs, blue-jeans, swatches of upholstery fabric, painted fabric pieces,  fleece, flannell and old sweatshirts.  I usually use cotton fabric for my backings but I have also pieced backings, used flannell and yes,  I have used sheets a time or two too!

Trust me.  There are no quilt police that will show up at your door.  Don't be afraid to try something different.  Most importantly, quilt what makes you happy.

Happy Quilting,