Sewing Machine Repairs

The good news is that my sewing machine can be repaired. The bad news is that it is going to  cost over $300.00 for the repairs. The touch screen went out on my computerized sewing/embroidery machine and, of course, the screen is not sold by itself. It is only sold as the entire "unit". This machine is about twelve years old now and at the rate technology changes,  I realize that it is somewhat outdated but I am not ready to replace it yet so I'm glad it can be repaired.

I am very glad I have another machine I can sew with while this one is in for service and I am very happy that I have a great sewing machine service technician.  Alan has been servicing my sewing machines for about fifteen years and there isn't anybody I'd rather take them to.  He had always done very good work for a very fair price.

She should be home in a few days, as good as new.  While she's in for service she'll be cleaned, lubricated and adjusted too.  I guess it's kind of like a visit to the spa!!!

Happy Quilting,