Moose with the scrap bag
Contents of the scrap bag

My quilting buddy, Moose, decided to rest a bit while waiting for me to grab a fresh cup of coffee before sorting through some scraps of fabric received from a quilting friend!!

If you do not know by now, I am addicted to all things quilt and quilting related including fabric. Scrap quilts are some of my favorites. I love seeing how a variety of colors and prints come together to make a beautiful, unique project.

It is thrilling to me to receive a pile, carton, bag, box or truckload of scraps from friends or strangers. I am in a happy place while I sort through the pieces of varying size, shape, color and print. Although they have not been used in a project these treasures each have a history. It is fun to see pieces from quilts I have quilted and to make plans for the scraps.

Sometimes, I even find an assembled block or cut pieces that I incorporate in a scrappy quilt and give them a new home!

While many people sort their yardage and scraps by color, I sort mine into plastic storage containers as follows:

  • evenly cut strips, 2" or wider
  • strips 3/4" or wider, can be unevenly cut (great for string quilts)
  • selvedges
  • larger than 8" square
  • larger than 5" square (I know I can get a 5" piece or 4, 2.5" squares)
  • larger than 2.5" square
  • crumbs ( odd shapes and anything smaller than 2.5" square)
  • strays (any blocks left over or never used in a project that need a home in a scrappy quilt)

When I decide on which scrappy project to make, I easily know which tub to grab to cut the right size pieces. I can also just reach in and start sewing pieces together for crazy blocks.

Happy Quilting,