Scrappy Vortex

I do love scrappy quilts and I love collecting scraps.

Several of my quilt friends even save their scraps for me. I am always excited to look through them and see what treasures I have to add to my scrappy quilts.

This time, rather than making scrappy blocks, I decided to make this Scrappy Vortex Quilt. 

When making scrappy blocks, I sew scraps together until the area is a bit larger than the block I am making then cut the block and use it in my quilt top. This quilt intrigued me because the whole quilt top is one large block!!

I ran across this quilt and found step by step directions from a past QAL (quilt along)  from Amanda Jean at 'crazy mom quilts' outlining a method for assembling the multitude of scraps to create the Scrappy Vortex top.

Each week of the QAL has specific instructions for each step of the piecing process. Before you know it.....a pile of scraps turns into a fabulous quilt top! I made mine throw size but you can make any size you wish.  I couldn't wait to show this to you before finishing. I am going to add a narrow framing border and a scrappy border to finish.

This didn't even make a dent in my scraps!! In fact, scraps seem to multiply as you use them,  so there are more scrap quilts to come.

Happy quilting,