Scrappy String Quilt

I do love scrap quilts!

I save all scraps from all of my projects.  Several of my friends save their scraps for me too so I have an even larger variety of colors and prints.

My scraps are sorted into eight different categories and stored in plastic tubs.   The categories I use are: *Crumbs* --- pieces smaller than 2½" square, *Chips*--- pieces smaller than 4½" square, *Charms* --- pieces 4½" square to 8" square,  *Chunks* --- 8" square or larger, *Selvages* --- narrow pieces of the selvage edge of the fabric, *Strips* --- 2½" or wider, evenly cut, *Strings* --- pieces wider than ¾" can be uneven and *Strays* --- blocks leftover from a project or practice. I dug into the tub of *Strings* to create this beautiful piece.


I used pieces at least ten inches long to create the blocks.  I sewed strings together until I had a piece that measured more than ten inches in length and width.  Next, I squared up the pieces into 9½" squares. I made twenty of these 9½" squares and assembled them into a 4 x 5 grid using 2" sashings of a white-on-white to make them stand out.  I also framed the grid with the same white-on-white.  

The scrappy border was made by sewing together strings that were seven inches long or longer.  I sewed until I had about twenty-five inches then ironed and evened the edges so my border pieces were 6½" wide.  I sewed these pieces together until I had assembled enough for the entire border.  I finished by adding a 6" outer border of the white-on-white fabric that was used for the sashing and frame.

I had a lot of fun creating this quilt top and am very happy with the outcome.  This was a great project to work on when I have a few minutes here and there to sew a few pieces together.

Happy Quilting,