Scrappy Quilt

The calendar hanging on my wall still says July but, believe it or not, my October 2011 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting came in the mail today!!!   I had a fleeting thought about waiting until the middle of September to look inside, but, it only lasted the few seconds it took for me to rip the plastic off and open the cover!!!!

I have really been on a scrap quilt kick lately and was delighted when I got to page 37 and saw "now and later", a scrappy quilt with a brick-style design and a rainbow-hue.  This lovely quilt can easily be made in any size desired.  There are only two different pieces that need to be cut for the entire quilt!!!  All of the 2½" squares are cut from white fabric and the 2½"x4½" rectangles are cut from assorted prints.  The sample quilt is made with 1930's prints but I thiink any fabric collection would work just as well.

Odd numbered rows begin with a rectangle and repeat: rectangle, square, rectange, square etc.  The even numbered rows begin with a square and repeat: square, rectangle, square, rectangle etc.  It is so simple and yet very striking.  This quilt will work up quickly enough that you could make one for yourself and one for a gift at the same time!!!

Happy Quilting,