Scrapbook Quilting

I envy people who always have their camera ready.  The people who catch those great shots at every party, picnic, play, walk in the park and BBQ!  I am trying to get better with my own photography.  I usually, after the fact, think, "that would have been a great picture".  Of course by then it's too late.  I also have great intentions  about scrapbooking the photos I do take!

My grandson is visiting with us for a whole week.  Our daughter is at a business conference this week.  She twisted our arms and we agreed to watch him for the week.(hehe a whole week in which to get some spoiling done)  I am rather proud of myself for the fact that I have already taken a couple of pictures.  Of course I have to admit that I missed a couple of good ones already too.

My grandson is a good helper in my studio and loves to  help make quilts.  He loves to "collect" quilts and can't seem to get enough of them---it must be in his blood!!!  We are going to take many more pictures during his visit.  Then we will choose our twelve favorite pictures and print them out on Printed Treasures photo fabric.  My grandson will get to pick the fabric he wants to use to frame his pictures---this will be the sashing and border.  We may also choose a contrasting fabric for a bright frame.  We will be able to look at this quilt and remember our special week.

These quilts are great fun to make and go together quickly.  You can even let the child you're working with take some of the photos.  My grandson loves to use the digital camera, and with this technology, there is nothing wasted.  Have some fun.  Make some memories.  Grab your favorite kid and quilt!!!

Happy Quilting,