Scrap Organization

I've always had my scraps pretty well organized and under control.  I cut them into various sizes and shapes (squares, triangles, tumblers, apple cores) and store them in plastic tubs until I have enough to piece together a quilt top.  Lately, I'm finding that I need a few new categories.  I really love scrap quilts and have been working on some crazy quilt blocks.  I also want to make a string quilt and do some other experimentation with various scraps.

I have been looking into different ways that other quilters organize their scraps and I have decided on the new categories I'm going to try!!!  I will continue to cut the pieces I have already been collecting, but I will add a few more containers as follows:   *Crumbs*---pieces smaller than 2½" square,  *Chips*---pieces smaller than 4½" square,  *Charms* ---pieces 4½" to 8" square,  *Chunks*---pieces 8" square or larger,  *Strings*---pieces wider than ¾" wide (can be uneven cuts),  *Strips*---evenly cut pieces 2" or wider,  *Selvages*---narrow pieces of the selvage edge of the fabric and,  finally........ *Strays*---assembled pieces left over from projects or practice.

Anything too small to fit one of these categories will go into the wire basket for the birds to use as nesting materials!!!Wink

As I am going through my scraps cutting the pieces for my Charm Square Postage Stamp Quilt, I am sorting the remaining scraps into the appropriately labeled tubs!!!  I think this will be much better than having all of the scraps lumped together in the same basket or tub.

Happy Quilting,