Scrap Happy

The upper 90's are too hot for me so I've been hiding inside in the air-conditioning.  Finally, I have finished sorting ALL of my scraps of fabric (at least until I start cutting pieces again)!!!  Although I love, love, love playing with fabric, I wasn't sure I would ever finish since I'm constantly making more scraps with every piece I cut for every project I make.  I also collect scraps from other quilters.

Thanks to my family, friends, other quilters and my accuquilt machine I ended up with a large plastic bin of Crumbs (pieces smaller than 2½" square), one full of Strips (evenly cut strips 2" or wider), another full of Strings (uneven strips ¾" or wider), one filled with Chips (smaller than 4½" square) and one more filled with Charms (4½ to 8" square).  I also have three smaller bins filled with Chunks (8" square or larger), Selvedges and Strays (assembled pieces leftover from projects or practice).  I added a new category to my scrap sorting.  I added a bin for tone on tone whites and creams as these work well for blocks and sashings even if they are not all the same print.

I love making scrap quilts and think a huge assortment of fabric pieces makes an attractive quilt.  Now that I have everything sorted and organized I can grab a tub and start sewing pieces together.

Surely, by tomorrow, I'll have more scraps to sort.....but for now, I feel good for a job being completed and well done!!!

Happy Quilting,