Royal Treatment

I love having a reason (excuse) to go fabric shopping.  I also love being given some artistic freedom in my work. 

A long-time friend and co-worker asked me to make a quilt for her daughter's birthday.  She gave me minimal requirements and left the rest up to me!  The quilt needs to be queen size.  Her daughter wants the quilt to be mainly pink with black and some white.  She likes anything to do with music and loves New York.  I came up with several ideas and have been processing ever since.

Of course, this meant I had to go fabric shopping. I found 26 different pinks that work very well together.   I also found the perfect white on white to use to make the pink pop.  I bought a deep rich solid black, just incase I need it.  I found a few really great musical prints including a black on black with treble clefs and musical notes.  I always over buy when I shop for quilt fabric.  I like having choices while I am creating a new design, I like having enough  to add an extra touch - border - frame etc., I like having enough fabric to make a matching pillow if I want to and I love having an ample amount of leftovers to add to my evergrowing fabric stash!!!

All in all I ended up purchasing 32 cuts of fabric.  I felt very special at the cutting table.  Two people shared the task of cutting my fabric for me in an effort to save time.  This royal treatment did save time and was enjoyable because we got talking and, of course, the conversation turned to quilting and the projects we each had going.....thank you Susan and Stella.

Over the weekend I will share my progress with you while the quilt "unfolds" (so to speak!).

Happy Quilting,