Robots Take Five

My daughter and grandson have moved into their new home. They moved to be closer to my daughter's new job. It is always exciting to start a new chapter in your life. It can also be alot of work and a little scary.

On a recent fabric shopping trip, I found some wonderful robot fabric and purchased it to create a new quilt for my grandson's new bedroom. I think having a new quilt to snuggle under helps you feel more comfortable while getting used to a new place.

Quilt Photo 1

While my grandson was here for a visit, he helped me quilt this new quilt. I love making memories with my grandchildren and this is certainly a good one! I am really liking the Take Five pattern, I use my Accuquilt Studio to cut the pieces and it goes together quick and easy. The pieces, especially the large squares, are big enough to show off your favorite large print fabrics.

Quilt Photo 2

In this case, I used both of the robot fabrics. One with a black background and the other with a cream colored background.  I found the perfect red, blue and yellow fabrics to compliment the colors in the robots.  Since my grandson's favorite color is red right now, I placed  some narrow red borders between the two borders of robots surrounding the body of the quilt and used the red to back and bind the quilt.

The little stinker tried to get me! He said, "I don't like my new quilt Grandma---I LOVE IT!"

It is such a great feeling to know a quilt is loved and appreciated.

Happy Quilting,