Reversable Quilts

One of my quilt clients called me today with an interesting question.  She wanted to know if she could make a reversable quilt.  We had a lengthy conversation about the options for this kind of a project.

First, let me tell you, that I think every quilt is in some way reversable.  As a longarm quilter, I always try to consider how my work will look on the back of a quilt as well as the front.  I try to choose the quilting and thread that will look best on both sides.  Quilting can be beautiful on the front of the quilt and striking on the solid or semi-solid backing of the quilt too.

I have several clients who make very interesting quilt backs.  Some take leftover pieces of the fabric used in the quilt top and use them to cut wide strips or large squares and sew them together to create the quilt back.  Quilters sometimes take a yard of fabric and sew a wide border around it to make a quilt back.  Using leftover fabrics or scraps  to fashion a "crazy quilt" backing also creates an interesting look.  These are all great ways to make a dent in a fabric stash, create a beautiful new quilt and spark some conversation.

My client was asking about actually piecing two quilts and using one as the top and one as the back of a quilt.  This can be done.  I have made a few of these reversable quilts for clients including a Two-Sided T-Shirt Quilt for someone who had so many shirts it filled two sides!!! 

Personally, if I were going to go through all of the work of piecing two quilts, I would rather end up with two one-sided quilts than one two-sided quilt.

Happy Quilting,