Respect the Quilts

A quilter came to pick up a couple of her quilts I just finished quilting and in the course of our conversation she told me that one day when she went over to her son's house she found one of the quilts she had made laying on the garage floor!!! 

She did say that her daughter-in-law had used the quilt while taking the baby for a walk and it had fallen out of the stroller onto the floor, but,  it had not been picked up.  It was just lying there.  She was not happy.

If you are ever lucky enough to be the recipient of a quilt, please respect it.  I do believe quilts should be used and loved but I also believe they should be respected and taken care of.  If the creator sees their masterpiece on the garage floor, the sidewalk, in the trunk of your car or on the bottom of the dog's cage, they may be offended.  They may feel like you do not appreciate what they have given to you.

Showing respect for the quilt,  shows respect for the quilter as well.  Besides, when the quilter sees the care you take with the quilt...You might be lucky enough to receive another!!!

Happy Quilting!