Resolutions (New Year?)

Like most of us, every December I make a lengthy list of resolutions for the New Year. January goes great, February is OK and then somehow I get busy and pretty soon, despite my good intentions, the list is forgotten or at least buried under other lists!!! Since I am a teacher, May and June are especially busy and I find that July is usually a good time for me to make a new list and new resolutions. I try to re-organize and get caught up on some of the things that I put aside during the school year, all while preparing for the next year!!! My number one "New Resolution" is to Blog regularly. Anyone who knows me knows that my failure to do so is not because I ever have a lack of things to say, however, I get involved in what I am doing until I can't stay awake any longer. You know... binding ONE MORE QUILT, putting ONE MORE QUILT on my machine, designing ONE MORE QUILT, quilting ONE MORE QUILT, cutting out ONE MORE QUILT ... you get the idea! To my new NaNo friends -- I have begun a search for "book related fabric" in case your idea materializes (pun intended :)) I'm sure I have something in my stash but searching at the fabric stores adds the thrill of the hunt!! I would love to see any of the quilts you make. Please send pictures. Happy Quilting, Laurel