Ready, Set, Quilt!

You already know I love quilting!! In fact I have to make a habit of sitting down at the computer BEFORE I begin working on a quilt, designing, or playing in my studio. Otherwise, I quilt until I'm so tired I can't focus on the computer screen and then tell myself I'll catch up tomorrow!!!  If anyone knows how to put more time in my day, or more days in my week (especially the weekends!) please let me know.

When I do find some extra time I love to go to quilt shows and see what everyone else is up to. The fall shows are starting up and I've been going to all that I can.  I suggest you also go---to as many as you can. Wow! What a way to get those creative juices flowing all over again. will have even more ideas and thus even more projects you want to complete.  I really enjoy, not only looking at the quilts on display, but talking with the quilters about their work and listening to their stories.  Every quilt has a story. 

Don't forget to visit the vendors, its always fun to pick up a new tool, a kit for a new jacket or some "must have" pieces to add to your fabric stash!!!  I am especially enjoying some of the new printed panels.  It is fun to disperse these quippy sayings through a colorful  scrappy quilt especially if you make a throw for a 50th, 60th, 70th or 80th birthday party gift!

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Talk to both the quilters and the vendors (many of whom are also quilters) they all have expertise in an area or two and can inspire you to try new things or a new way to do your favorite things.

Have Fun. And as always .....

Happy Quilting,