Raffle Quilt

Another school-year is coming to an end.  This is this year's raffle quilt.....hot off the press!!!  Tomorrow a ticket will be pulled from the jar and one lucky child will bring this quilt home for keeps.


Each of the twenty-five second graders in my classroom made a square. They used Crayola Fabric Crayons to decorate a 10½ inch square of white fabric. I made a square with all of the student artists' names on it, one with the school name and year and another with my name. There are also two blank squares to make an even thirty. I used a hot iron to heat-set the colors so they will not smear and the quilt will be washable.

Quilt Patterns

A dark blue fabric with a little sparkle was used for the sashing.  The sashing strips were cut with the 2½ inch strip die on my Accuquilt machine (which took about 2 minutes!!!) for a finished 2 inch wide sashing.  The squares were arranged in a 5x6 grid. The same sashing strips were used to frame all of the squares in the quilt.  I added a 4 inch wide (cut 4½ inches) white border around the entire quilt. I had a piece of this adorable fabric left over and decided it would be perfect for the backing of this class quilt.  I quilted the entire quilt with wandering loops and brought the backing around to the front to bind the quilt.

Quilt Backing

My students learned alot about quilting this year.  Through stories, read a-loud books, projects, activities, and show and tell, they learned what a quilt is, about Hawaiian Quilting, Patchwork Quilting, applique, Freedom Quilts and the Underground Railroad, some of the history of quilts, tesselations, and how to make a quilt.

They worked all year to earn raffle tickets!!!!  A student could earn a ticket by getting an "A" on any test or quiz, doing a good deed, completing homework assignments, following school rules, and good attendance.