Quilts For Kids

I finished two of the Quilts For Kids quilt tops I am working on.  This small accomplishment made me feel really good!!! 

I didn't realize how much recovering from surgery would slow me down.  It took me a week to complete what I could have done before in one day.  I know I will get back up to speed and I know it's not the sewing that is slowing me down...it's the moving, finding a comfortable way to sit and stamina.

Alice in Wonderland QuiltAlice in Wonderland Fabric

This adorable quilt is made from Alice in Wonderland fabric squares which are separated by four-patches made with blue and pink.

Calico QuiltCalico Fabric

The second quilt top is the same style using cute cat fabric.

My fabric/sewing/quilting makes me happy.  Being able to work is helping my recovery.  I am glad for even my small accomplishments.

I'm going to continue to piece tops and set them aside until I can get back to work on my long arm machine.

I plan to have a whole pile of quilt tops finished and I will be able to quilt away and complete them all in a row!!! Two down....a bunch to go!!!

Happy Quilting,