Quilts for Kids

What a week!!!  I've been working registration at school.  Registration is alot of work but it is great to see the students and parents again.  I get lots of hugs, hear stories about summer vacations and see how they've grown.  I really enjoyed hearing parents talking about my end of the year quilt project --- double checking to make sure I had plans to continue this project --- and many asking if I would consider doing something (quilt raffle related)  for the adults in the district!!! Hmmmm...

While I put some more thought into that....I would like to show you the quilts my sister and I made for the "Quilts for Kids" project.  Remember, if you would like to join in making one or more quilts for kids in hospitals, you can go to www.quiltsforkids.com and request a kit.  The kits come with very clear directions.
Quilt Photo 1Quilt Photo 2

This is the quilt my sister made from the kit sent to her. The blocks are a light tan background with baseball players, during various stages of a game, printed on them.  The 4-patches are created from green and blue fabrics.  A 1 inch border framing the quilt is made from a black-on-black print and the outside border is a white fabric covered with baseballs.

The backing was made from the fabric with the baseball players on it.

The entire quilt was meandered for added strength and the binding was machine stitched.

Quilt Photo 3Quilt Photo 4

This is the additional quilt my sister made to send for the project.

The body of the quilt has a solid pink and two prints with hearts, flowers etc on them.  The solid pink was used for the framing border and  a beautiful butterfly print was used for the outer border.

This quilt was quilted with wandering loops and hearts.  This quilting is sturdy with a delicate look.  This binding was also machine stitched as requested in the directions from Quilts for Kids.

Carol did a great job on these quilts and they will help give some comfort to  hospitalized children.  Thank you, Carol, for sharing these quilts with us.

Quilt Photo 5Quilt Photo 6Quilt Photo 7

This is the quilt that I made from the kit I received from the project.  The blocks are made from a print of stars,  tennis balls and rackets on green.  The 4-patches are pieced from red and blue.

The narrow framing border is a rainbow stripe printed on the diagonal and the outside border is made from the same tennis print as the main blocks.

Quilt Photo 8

The beautiful blue used in the 4-patches was also used for the backing of the quilt.

Quilt Photo 9Quilt Photo 10

This quilt was quilted with all-over loops and stars.  The quilting is all done fairly close to help add strength to the quilt.   The quilted stars help the printed stars pop.  Since the back of  this quilt is a dark solid the quilting shows up nicely and the quilt is truly reversable.

All of the work done on these quilts is done by machine as is directed in the instructions.  This helps make the quilts strong enough to withstand multiple hospital machine washings.

Whenever I make a quilt I end up with extra blocks or pieces.  I used the six leftover 16-Patch blocks from a baby quilt to make the body of this quilt.  Because these large blocks were already pieced, this quilt went together incredibly fast.

The narrow border was created using a coordinating striped fabric and the outer border is the same yellow used in the body of the quilt.

The striped fabric was also used for the backing of the quilt.

This quilt was meandered and will provide comfort for years to come!

Quilt Photo 11Quilt Photo 12

This is another quilt made from surplus pieces!!!

I used a white on white dotted fabric to add sashing (the strips of fabric placed between the blocks and/or rows) and the first border.  The outer border is pink with butterflies and flowers printed in a lighter pink.

The dotted white on white was used for the backing and creates a fresh, clean look.

This quilt was quilted with an overall pattern  of loops and hearts.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these quilts and that, perhaps, you will be inspired to go to www.QuiltsforKids.com and request a kit of your own!!!

Happy Quilting,