Quilts Done and Delivered

This is the third, out of the four, quilts that I finished for my friend Jane. I have been working on the quilts she left behind so her children can enjoy the quilts and find comfort in them.

QuiltQuilt Block

Each block is made with a blue, white, burnt orange and brown paisley printed on a rich rust colored fabric.  The background fabric is white.  The center squares and the sashing are the same beautiful blue found in the paisley print.  The cornerstones and cross pieces are burnt orange. I quilted this quilt with an overall pattern of wandering loops.

Sample Quilt

This is the last quilt Jane left unfinished. It is a sampler quilt (a quilt with different block patterns,  a quilter can try - learn - practice different patterns)  that was a Block of the Month (you get a different pattern each month for a year) from JoAnn's Fabrics.  She wanted to make a larger quilt so some of the blocks are duplicated.  Instead of 12 blocks...there are 20 blocks in this gorgeous quilt.

I quilted this entire quilt SID (stitch in the ditch).

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to give all four of the finished quilts to my friend's children. They seemed thrilled with them and a little surprised that they were already finished. I'm glad they are all happy with them.

Jane is missed.  Her quilts will bring small comfort to her children.  I am grateful for all of the memories of my wonderful friend.  I'm sure we will tell some wonderful stories at our next sewing day!!!

Now I need to get caught up on my quilting, chores and other projects I have fallen behind on. Thank you all for your patience.

Happy Quilting,