Quilts and History

I have told you that I am a book freak!!!  I love books.  I can't get enough.  I read them from cover to cover --- even pattern books and instruction manuels.  Since I have been telling you about some of the books and activities I use in my second grade classroom this time of the year to teach about the Underground Railroad and the quilts used to help slaves find the road to freedom,  I thought I would share some information on the blocks used in the secret code.  I have found two great books that include alot of History about the Underground Railroad and patterns for the blocks used in the secret code.

The first book, "Quilt in a Day,  Underground Railroad Sampler" by Eleanor Burns and Sue Bouchard, includes precise directions and patterns for fifteen blocks and several stories and historical accounts about how the blocks were used to help the runaways reach freedom.  It also includes directions to make a story block if you want to add one to your quilt top.

The second book, "Facts & Fabrications, Unraveling the History of Quilts & Slavery", by Barbara Brackman, gives patterns and directions for twenty blocks and eight projects.  This book also shares many first person accounts of the history of the Underground Railroad.

I hope you enjoy these two books and the history they share.  The stories and pictures they contain are as interesting as the quilt block patterns and projects give you.

Happy Quilting,