Quilting is Reliable

This week has been very unusual and very busy but no matter what happened, I knew my quilting would always be there.  We all worked hard to prepare for our Open House at school.  When I got home I could work on a quilting project for awhile after supper.

On the day of Open House we spent about 13 hours at school.  We taught class, had meetings, then had Open House.  I went home and went to bed!!! Although I took comfort in knowing my quilting was there for me, I couldn't muster up the energy to get anything done.

Today I was in a workshop all day. I was fortunate enough to be there with several of my co-workers so we had some fun conversation, but it was actually quite tiring to sit all day.  When I'm teaching, I am constantly moving around.  I'm not used to sitting for so much of the day.  At one point I found myself doodling quilt patterns and designs again.  I talked to the people at my table about some of the ways I bring quilting into my classroom.  Of course I just happened to have my camera with me and I was happy to show my pictures of quilts and scarecrows to the people around me.  I also met a person who does some work with children with Huntington's Disease.  I spoke to him about using a quilt for a raffle to raise funds for their organization.  He is going to contact me.

Tonight was a birthday dinner for my dear friend.  I will sleep well tonight.

Again I feel like I have to play catch-up on the weekend.  I have not had a chance to check my e-mail or my phone messanges!  I do know, however, that after I get up, put on a pot of coffee and put a load of laundry in, my quilting will be there waiting for me.  My machines, my tools, and my fabrics will invite me to dig in and be creative.  I will enjoy.

Happy Quilting,