Quilting Helps Everything

The snow day did not happen!!! I guess I did jinx it after all, I was too prepared!

This has been quite a weekend though.  My daughter and grandson moved.  They have been living with us for a little over two years.  They had lived 2400 miles away and now moved  only 150 miles away, so I'm told I cannot complain too much, but I'm going to whine for awhile anyway.    I loved having them here.  I enjoyed being with my grandson every day.  We became good buddies.  Although I understand the move will help better my daughter's business,  I will miss the daily contact, stories, games, trips to the grocery store, meals, movie nights, bedtime and morning routines etc.

My mother always looked for the good in every person and the positive in every situation.  I like to think I learned this from her so here it goes ..... Since my daughter and grandson moved I will have a little bit more time for quilting and will be able to catch up on some projects that have been put on the back burner for a while.

Happy Quilting,