Quilting Calendars

Do you have your 7 calendars ready?   My mother used to always make sure she had 7 calendars for the  new year hung up in the house before midnight on December 31.  During the first December after I got married my mom brought me a calendar and asked if I  could  get  6 more myself or if I needed her help.  Mom reminded me that, according to the wives tale, if you had 7 calendars for the new year hung in your house before midnight on December 31 you would have good luck throughout the new year. 

Soooo every year my mom and I would collect our calendars.  It became a fun tradition, and a little bit of a contest, to see which calendars we could find, share and trade.  This went on for many years.  I can't say everything was perfect and we did not win millions in the Lottery but life was good.  One year I got lazy or disinterested and I didn't bother to gather my calendars.  We had a horrible year.  I have remembered my calendars every year since and my family makes sure that I do!!!

I always start with a "Giant Calendar" to hang on my kitchen wall because the squares are large enough to accomodate birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, school functions, quilting commitments etc.  It is like our central information center!  My son gets me a calendar from the company he works for and my daughter gives me one of the magnetic calendars from her company.  The rest of the calendars I collect are the best,  they are quilting calendars!!!!  I always get a wall calendar.  This year I got  "Quilts" by Avalanche which includes the complete instructions and patterns for all 13 of the featured quilts.  I also like to get a page-a-day to put on my desk.  This time I got the "2010 Quilting Block & Pattern-A-Day Calendar" with Debby Kratovil and Jean Ann Wright.  I found 2 perpetual calendars that I absolutely love.  One is "Nancy J. Martin's 365 Quilt Blocks A Year" and the other is "Fons & Porter's Quilt Tip a Day". 

I'll be honest, I'm never sure if the perpetual calendars really count since they are not dated so I always make sure I have 2 extras just in case!!!  I know this all sounds silly but after my family experienced that one really horrible year ....... I'm not taking any chances!!!!

Have some fun.  Collect 7 calendars and see what kind of a year you have.   Good luck.

Happy Quilting,