Quilter's Gift

If you are looking for a really cute gift for one or more of your favorite quilters, you may want to look on page 51 of the April 2011 edition of the Connecting Threads catalog.  There is a great gift that looks like a bag of candy.  In reality, it is a goody bag filled with a rainbow of 25 hand dyed 6" squares of fabric, all wrapped in cellophane to resemble penny candy!!!  This gift sells for only $8.99 and would be great by itself, attached to the top of a gift box or stratigicly placed in an Easter Basket.  Imagine presenting it with a giftcard to your quilter's favorite fabric shop tied to the ribbon at the top of the bag or nestling it in a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day or an upcoming birthday. 

Most of us do not begin our Christmas shopping this early, but when you do, you might want to consider these for you quilt guild gift exchange.  These little gems, however, are not seasonal in any way so it would be very convenient to keep a few on hand for hostess gifts, house warming or to perk up the spirits of a friend who may be a bit under-the-weather.

This gift of "Quilter's Dye It Treats"  would be a great set of starter fabrics for a new quilt project or a terrific addition to a scrap quilt.  This little bag of fun would brighten any project.  There are endless possibilities for both giving and using this awesome little collection. 

Happy Quilting,