Quilted Bags!

One of my students brought me a wonderful gift.  She and her mom were shopping and found a pattern for quilted tote bags.  It was so nice of them to think of me.  I like bags and the fact that these are quilted bags makes it even better.  I use bags to carry papers back and forth to school, books from the library and projects I am able to work with on the go. The pattern  I received is Butterick's #B4248 which includes 4 styles with endless possibilities because, like with our quilts, we can use any fabrics we choose.

These bags would make terrific gifts too.  You could even use the bag as a large gift bag and include a matching baby quilt, lap quilt, set of place mats,  a table runner or a new quilt book! Start planning and you could have all of your gifts finished in time for the winter holidays.  Handmade gifts are very special and your choice of fabric will personalize each bag for the person receiving it.  Have fun!!!

Happy Quilting,