Quilt Stolen

I always try to see the good in people.  My mother taught me this.  She was the kindest, sweetest person and she truly believed that everyone had good in them.

Today, I am having trouble with this theory.

My sister mailed a quilt-top, its backing, a card and gift to me.  She put some fabric scraps inside the box as filler to keep things from moving around.  The box arrived today......the contents did not!!! Someone opened the box, stole the quilt-top, stole the backing, stole the card, stole the gift, resealed the box (added a piece of packing tape) and sent the box and fabric scraps to complete the journey to me.

I am heart-sick.  Why would someone do this? 

The quilt-top was not an heirloom quilt but means something to us.  It is her Froggy Jelly Roll Race.  Created from the same fabrics, but, arranged in a different order from mine (shown above).  I was going to quilt it for her so she would have her finished quilt on her next visit.  I would love to have the opportunity to read the card my sister wrote to me and to use the journals she was sending to help me keep notes and information about an upcoming surgery and doctor visits.

I truly hope the Post Office officials will be able to recover the quilt-top for us.  They should know exactly where the box traveled and who had it in their hands.

My mother would still probably try to find something nice to say.  I am way too angry with the theif to give him or her any nice comments. 

Please keep a look out for my sister's quilt.

Happy Quilting,