Quilt Shirt, Frightful Weather

Shirt of the day.I figured this was the perfect shirt for today!!  I live in Illinois, USA. When I woke up this morning, our temperature was -24* with a wind chill factor close to -50*!! The snow we have left on the ground from last weekend's storm is blowing and drifting. Schools and many businesses are closed so people can stay in out if the risk of frostbite.

I made sure we have enough groceries, supplies and coffee so I would not have to leave the house today.

It is UP to -20* now. I am still not venturing outdoors. I am going to grab another cup of coffee and retreat to my studio and decide which project I will work on next.

If you are also feeling the arctic blast, I hope you remain warm and comfortable and can spend some time with your fabric today!

Happy Quilting!