Quilt Revival

I've been working on reviving some old quilts this week.

I love working on and finishing old quilts for people because I believe every quilt should be finished, used and loved.  Besides --- it's not a quilt until it's quilted!!!

Many people inherit, find, or are given old quilt tops.  Most don't know what to do with them or how to finish them.  I am delighted when they bring them to me.  The person who made the quilt top intended it to be a quilt and for some reason never completed the process.  When I get to work on these treasures,  I get to to finish the quilts so they can be used and loved as intended by the original creator.  If there is a story that goes with the quilt top --- its a bonus.

The quilt I'm finishing up now is a hand appliqued work of art with water lilies, complete with lilypads. The quilt top was finished and the original quilter had begun to quilt by hand so many years ago that the tread was brittle.  I am so glad the new owner brought this piece to me! The quilting stitches have been removed, the tired batting and backing removed and replaced with fresh materials and the new quilting process has begun. The best part will be the look on the owner's face when she sees her grandmother's quilt finished. It will give her comfort and joy for many years to come....I'd better get quilting!!

Remember --- It's Not A Quilt Until It's Quilted!

Happy Quilting!