Quilt Police

I understand wanting to do your best and making your quilts the very best you can but I have met some new quilters lately who are too stressed out about trying to make their quilts perfect.

There are no quilt police!!!  Especially while you are a beginning quilter, I believe focus should be on learning how to quilt and about quilting.  Learn how to quilt.  Make quilts that you like.  Quilts that make you happy.  I also believe the more you quilt........the more your skills improve and the better your work becomes!

Everybody likes different colors, different fabric combinations, different designs, different styles, different quilting.....even different batting!!!  Find what you like and do your best.  Do not stress over the tiniest imperfections.  There are no Quilt Police to punish you for the corner that didn't quite match!!! 

Enjoy quilting and enjoy your quilts.

Happy Quilting,