Quilt On The Go Kit

My very good friend's husband has being having some health problems.  They recently found out that he will be in and out of the hospital for some treatments along with frequent visits to different doctor's offices.  If you have ever had to deal with a serious illness yourself or with a loved one, you know it can be a long drawn out process with many hours of waiting, waiting, waiting.  I have a difficult time just waiting, I have to have something to do to keep me busy and help the time pass more quickly.

I gave my friend a "Quilt On The Go Kit".  I started with a Super Satchel (by Art Bin).  This is the perfect size to carry with you.  It has a built in handle and accomodates a finished 12 inch block.  I used my Accu Quilt machine (you could also rotary cut or cut by hand) to cut enough Apple Core pieces to make a complete quilt top.  I added needles, thread, a gift certificate to a fabric store (so she can choose the backing and binding material), and a certificate from me for the batting and long arm quilting to finish the quilt.

The Apple Core pattern was chosen because the curved pieces work up very nicely  by hand and you can sew one piece at a time or a whole block or row.  My friend can take this kit with her and sew while she waits at the doctor's office, hospital, or therapy center during visits, treatments, procedures, therapy etc.  Before she knows it, the quilt top will be pieced and her husband's ordeal will be over.  I believe having a project or a mission to focus on and keep us busy can help us get through a troubled time.

JP loved this gift and was anxious to get started on the quilt top.  I'm glad she has something to look forward to while she waits!!!

Happy Quilting,