Quilt by Number?

I was shopping at the teachers' store for classroom supplies and found these great little books.  They are mosaic color by number books.

I'm always thinking about quilting and get very excited when I come up with an idea for using everyday items for quilting.

Booklet 1Booklet 2Booklet 3

As soon as I saw these books, I knew they would be coming home with me and be added to my quilt studio!  (OK, I admit, I bought two of each because I want them at school too!)  When I looked through these books and realized that the pictures are all made from shapes including squares, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, hexagons, octagons and circles I got the idea that I could use the pictures as quilt patterns. Each of these Mosaic Discover the Pictures books is A Buki Activity Book and contains twenty-four pictures.  Each book includes a coloring guide but I'm sure you could use you own colors to create the look you desire.  The pages are not labeled as to what the picture will be but I am confident that there will be several terrific pictures for me to turn into quilts.  I can hardly wait to begin coloring!!!

I will also be using these books at school.  They will be great for teaching the concept of Mosaic Pictures.  We can also use them when we study these shapes in Geometry.  The children will love seeing how the shapes can be put together to make pictures. 

After we use these ready made pictures, perhaps I can get the children to create their own pictures using these same shapes!!!  I love the creativity of children.  They will probably come up with ideas I haven't even thought of yet!

Happy Quilting,