Quilt Books

My head cold moved to my chest (I hate when that happens) and I stayed home from work on Friday.  In between the box of Kleenex, the remote control, the extra pillow and a large glass of orange juice I had a pile of my quilt books on my bed.  I love books.  I collect books. I read the books from cover to cover (yes, even pattern books and instruction books) but I am often too busy to take the time to enjoy the books again. Between napping and coughing,  I took the opportunity to look through a few of these books again since I didn't feel like doing much of anything else.  I really enjoyed going over this collection again and love looking at the patterns and ideas.  This created another problem though ----- my list of projects just got longer!!!!!

I did go back to work today but am still very tired.  While resting on the couch under the Froggie Quilt,  I decided that I would really like to win big in the Lottery so I would have more time to quilt and maybe I would be able to make a dent in my ever-growing to-do list!!!   In the meantime I'm going to add a few more ideas to my list and go to bed and dream about warm cozy quilts.

Happy Quilting,