Project Progress

Yesterday I was able to get outside and pull a few weeds from a couple of flowerbeds around my house.  I did get tired but the weather had cooled off and it felt really good to have my hands in the dirt again.  I'm making good progress with my recovery and it feels good to be able to get some work done. 

I got a good night's sleep and intended to get an early start this morning and attack some more of the weeds but the weather is cold and rainy so I grabbed a cup of coffee and read some of my book.  It's hard to believe that it was 98° and sunny at the beginning of the week and it was 48°, cloudy and rainy today!!!

With my second cup of coffee I sat with my computer and entered the rest of my requirements needed to renew my teaching certificate.

When my husband came home for lunch he carried a few rubber tubs into the living room for me and the rest of the day was a blast!!!  When he came home again at the end of his workday, he said he knew I was feeling better.  I had fabric strewn all over the living room!!!  These tubs were full of fabric I acquired from a storage unit.  I sorted, refolded and organized to my heart's content!!!  Before returning the fabrics to the tubs, I cut a piece from each one to add to my Charm Square Postage Stamp Quilt.  There were several printed panels for quick baby quilts, some for doll quilts, a couple of cheater quilts and the coordinating backing fabrics for them.  I put the pieces together and when I am back to working on my longarm machine I can make them up into some cute little quilts.  They won't be fancy but I'm sure they will be appreciated by the hospital, police department or another charity.

I played with the fabric all afternoon and lost track of time.  My husband went out and got dinner for us since I hadn't even stopped to cook!!!

Happy Quilting,