I ended up getting alot done this weekend.  I quilted a couple of small quilts for one of my quiltmakers and got another one loaded on my longarm machine.  I put a new cover on my ironing board and cleaned my iron.  I pulled out some blocks that are already made (leftover from quilts I've made because I always tend to make extras!) and began planning projects so they can be used.  I organized and sorted another boxful of scraps that had been collected and swept the floor of my studio.  I cleaned my machines and changed their needles ( I think it made them happy).  I also changed the blades in my most used rotary cutters.

I have to go back to school tomorrow and I know when I come home I will go into a clean studio with machines and tools ready to go.  I will be able to go into my stash and find fabrics to use with my leftover blocks in their projects.  Of course, when I start pulling out fabrics from my stash, I'm likely to make a mess again!!!

Happy Quilting,