Preparing for Recovery

While I was preparing for my surgery, I knew that  my recovery would  be at least several weeks and I would not be allowed to do stairs or lift anything much for awhile so I decided to gather and prepare some projects I could do by hand while recuperating.

After cutting a ton of Tumbler Charm Pieces, collecting things for a knitting project, gathering reading materials and cutting Apple Core Pieces I remembered these panels once purchased at a quilt show. These are wonderfully whimsical panels that need to be colored with fabric markers before being added to a quilt. Until now I hadn't found the time to sit still long enough to color these pieces but since I am not able to be very active for a little while this is a perfect project to work on while I am recovering.  It  feels good to be able to work on getting these pieces ready to be incorporated into a quilt even though I won't be able to actually quilt it for awhile longer!!!

Fabric Picture 1Fabric Picture 2Fabric Picture 3

The first one, "Quilter's Search Engine", asks "If I Can't Remember Where I Put It, Do I Still Have To Count It As Part Of My Stash?" I wonder if that's how I look when I am frantically looking through my fabrics to find the perfect piece or color that I know I have in there!!! The second panel on the right is titled "Inventory Control".  The stash security makes me chuckle!

The last panel is made up of a few smaller pieces.  I love all of the tools and notions surrounding the statement that "I'm Creative...Neatness doesn't count"

I think I'll be able to use these panels in a couple of different, really fun quilts. 

Usually, I piece using a sewing machine but I have pieced by hand before and am going to do some hand piecing while I am resting and recovering.

My husband had promised if I was a good girl and followed all of my doctor's orders, he would put one of my sewing machines on the dining room table when I feel well enough to sew again. Tomorrow is the day!  My sewing machine will be relocated to the dining room. I realize this was bribery to keep me off of the stairs for awhile but it makes me happy anyway.

Happy Quilting,