Popcorn Jars

These jars turned out soooo cute.  I helped my daughter-in-law put these together for the wedding reception.  What a great idea.   These were put on the table and when guests entered they found the jar with their name on it and found their seats.

Popcorn Jars

You can dig into your stash and cut the fabric for these wonderful party favors.  We used all purples to keep with the theme of the wedding.

Each one-quart canning jar is filled with Chicago Mix ( Caramel Corn and Cheddar Cheese Popcorn ).  We cut six inch squares of several different colors of purple fabric to cover the lids (this was done in just a few minutes using my Accuquilt Machine!).  She found great wedding themed ribbons to tie the tags on with.   She printed the two-sided tags with the guests name and seating instructions on one side, the other side of the tag says "Thanks for POPPIN' in to celebrate with us!" and has the Bride and Groom's  names listed with  the wedding date!!!  They turned out very cute and were a big hit at the reception.

When I make the signature quilt for this lovely couple, I am going to include some of  the same  fabrics that we used to cover the jars and I am going to, somehow, incorporate the ribbons into the quilt as well!

These are such a cute idea that I am trying to think of another  time to use them!!!

Happy Quilting,