Playing Cards

I was excited when I found a deck of playing cards that advertised they were "featuring inspiring quilt designs".  They cost $5.00 for the deck and although I thought that was a little bit expensive, I figured they would be cute and ordered them.  I expected each card to show a different quilt block or design.

When I opened the deck, I was very disappointed to fiind that although the back of the cards have a quilt design, only the A's, J's, Q's, and K's of each suit, have a quilt design on the face of the card.  The rest of the cards are the same as any other deck and the cards are a little bit smaller than a standard deck of playing cards.

I do not feel, in this case, that the advertisement was clear.  I wanted to share this with you so if you dicide to order these'll know what to expect.

Happy Quilting,