Photo Quilt

This quilt is made from photographs I took last summer at a Fly In for Experimental Aircraft.  It includes pictures of airplanes, helicopters, power para-gliders and power parachutes.

Quilt Photo 1

I printed the pictures on Printed Treasures fabric sheets.  I have had good luck with Printed Treasures and like the way the colors come out on the fabric.  Details show up nicely and I make sure to buy the one that is washable in case of a spill or other mishap.

I separated the pictures with a 2 inch wide sashing made with a white-on-white fabric.  I use tone-on-tone fabrics quite often.  I like the way they set the blocks apart and make the colors in the photos look bright and clear.  I used the airplane fabric I found on one of my shopping trips for a border around all of the pictures. I finished the quilt top with an outer border of the white-on-white fabric.

Quilt Photo 2

This wonderful airplane fabric was used to back the quilt also.  The colorful planes on a background of blue and white clouds perfectly accents my photographs. The entire quilt was meandered with white thread.

The most difficult part of making this quilt was narrowing it down to which 15 pictures would be used in the quilt!

This quilt is a gift for my husband's flight instructor.  I hope it will be able to find a place to hang this quilt on a wall or throw it over the back of his couch or chair.  

He is also the person who organized the Fly In which could not have been an easy chore.  People from all over the country come with their aircraft, and their families to eat, visit, compare "toys" and fly around.  Some camp, some stay at  nearby hotels and some have RV's they stay in for the extended weekend.

Quilt Photo 3

This is my Hubby's toy.  It is the third picture in the fourth row of the quilt! I made this label and attached it to the back of the quilt.

Quilt Photo 4

My husband likes the finished product.  I suppose I'll have to take some more pictures so I can make a quilt for him with pictures of him and his "toy".

Happy Quilting,