Wow! The end of another hectic week.

Things are a little crazy at school right now and I often feel like all I do is run from one place to another.  I love working with my class but sometimes the politics of the place is a little too much for me.

I find peace in my quilting.  Any and all aspects of quilting.  Looking for patterns... shopping for fabric...touching, sorting, ironing, folding,cutting fabric...sewing...measuring...quilting...binding...talking about quilting...reading about quilting...snuggling under a quilt!!!  It's nice to have something to turn to that helps give me peace of mind.

I have decided that Friday night is my favorite part of the week.  On Friday night I still have the whole weekend to look forward to.  The plan for this weekend is alot of quilting.....and alot of peace!

I hope to finish up a project or two so I can share them with you!

Happy Quilting,