In my effort to use leftover pieces from former quilts and organizing my fabrics, I started pulling out panels as I came to them.  I don't usually use panels to make my quilts but when I found these panels with a picture for each letter of the alphabet and numbers, I thought they were cute....and they were on sale!

I decided to finish all of the panels I could find and donate them to the children's hospital.   They aren't doing anybody any good just sitting around.

Quilt 1Quilt 2

I added a green framing border to one and a blue framing border to the other.  Each of the brightly colored squares is divided by a little bit of black so I added an outside border of a great piece I had.  It's black covered with brightly colored pin dots.

Quilt 3

I had two of the Hey Diddle Diddle panels.  I am backing one with pink and the other with blue.

Quilt 4

The Teddy Bears and Bunnies on the next panel even look comforting.

Quilt 5

I have three of the Country Bunnies Panels. I'm backing one with blue, one with pink and one with yellow.

Quilt 6

The fish in this brightly colored panel look lively.

Quilt 7

This ocean panel has some information printed on it which tells about the ocean creatures pictured.

Quilt 8

I found four of these pastel pinwheel panels.

Quilt 9

I remember buying these Pastel Jungle Babies panels at a store's "going out of business" sale for a remarkably low price.  I have fourteen of these cute little quilts. I went through my stash and found different colored backings to match all of the Pastel Jungle Babies and the Pinwheel panels.

Some of these panels were mine.  Some belonged to my friend Jane and some were found in my treasures from the storage locker.  I'm sure both of them would be as happy as I am that these panels will be put to good use.  All told, I found twenty eight panels which will be quilted, bound and donated.  Twenty eight children will experience the warmth and comfort of a quilt during their hospital stay.

Happy Quilting,