Paint Chips and Quilting

I survived the first week of the new school year and decided to reward myself with a little trip to the fabric store.  I wanted to buy some fabric for a quilt for one of the newly painted rooms in my son's house.  Off I went with paint chips in my hand.

Next time you paint a room, you might want to try this:  Take your paint chips (the little strips with several paint colors from the paint store that you use to choose the perfect color when you paint a room) to the fabric store with you.  Use the paint chips to choose the perfect fabric to match your walls.  It is amazing what a room looks like when the quilt you create truly matches the color of the room instead of just being close.

Even if you are not going to paint, you can have some fun.  First make a trip to your favorite paint department and pick out three, five or seven (an odd number is always best) colors that you think look good together.  Don't even think about prints yet, or a quilt design, just pick the colors you like.

Now the fun part.  Take the paint chips to the fabric store and match the colors.  Again, don't worry about the print.  Choose strictly by matching the color of the paint chips.  You might even want to match more than one of the colors on the same palette.  Take these new fabrics home and make a quilt, throw, table runner or pillow.  This is a fun way to choose colors for a new project.  You will be amazed, and hopefully pleased with the outcome!!!

Caution.....this will cause enjoyment and side affects may include the growth of your fabric stash.

Happy Quilting,