Open House

Today was a very long day.  After a full day of teaching (I am a full time second grade teacher) I finished the final preparations on my classroom, ran home to let the dog out and change my clothes, then went back to school for the annual Open House. 

I love meeting the parents and siblings of my new students.  I'm also excited to see and catch up with the people I already know.   I have been at my school for many (31) years and often have siblings or children of former students so mostly it's a big reunion.  I also love the fact that former students and parents come to visit me even if they do not have a child in my room this year!!!

When I finally made it home, I was exausted.  I had a bite to eat and looked through a couple of quilt magazines but couldn't muster the energy to work on a project. 

Tomorrow is another day!

Happy Quilting,