One More Done

I am feeling much better since the antibiotics are working to kill the nasty infection I've been fighting.  I'm feeling so good in fact that I am napping less and working more. When I accomplish a chore or two I reward myself with some sewing.


This is the newest Quilts For Kids quilt top that I finished today.  I am assembling as many quilt tops as I can and when I can work with my long arm machining again (I'm counting on very soon!!!) I'll have a bunch of quilt tops ready to go and I can quilt till my heart's content!!!

Quilt Photo 1Quilt Photo 2

This quilt is made from a main fabric with a green background with adorable turtles and bugs. The four-patches are orange and brown. The narrow framing border is a striped fabric with all of the colors of the turtle print. If you have not yet made a quilt for the Quilts For Kids project, I would like to encourage you to do so. These adorable quilts are simple patterns which are easy to piece together. The completed quilts are donated to children  who are hospitalized with serious illness.

As an adult, there were times during my two recent surgeries and hospital stays that I was afraid and/or nervous.  I can only imagine how a sick child and their parents must feel. I am glad to be able to make some quilt so a few more sick children can feel a small amount of comfort.

Happy Quilting,